Voter Registration For Our Lives NJ
This summer and fall, we’re hosting a statewide voter registration contest for teens and young people. You do not need to be part of an existing chapter to participate; all you need is three friends, some registration forms and a dedication to civic engagement.

Winners will receive a March For Our Lives Swag Bag, a pizza party for your team and a chance to be featured on the national March For Our Lives social media.
Rules and Guidelines (IMPORTANT):

1. You must sign up by completing this form in full.
2. You must be a student who either attends school or lives in New Jersey. You may be a college, high school, or middle school student. Home-schooled students are also welcome.
3. You DO NOT need to be a part of an existing chapter to participate. We only ask that you work on a team of 4-25 students.
4. After your voter registration drive, DO NOT MAIL YOUR REGISTRATION FORMS TO THE BOARD OF ELECTIONS. You will either mail them or manually deliver them to a March For Our Lives NJ representative in a sealed envelope, with your name, your team or chapter's name, your county and the number of voters you signed up. We will count up the forms to verify your tally -- then, we will send them to your local board of election(s).
5. Please have all forms submitted to your designated March For Our Lives NJ Representative by October 5th, 2019 to meet the state's voter registration deadline.


1. Search for printable version of your county's and surrounding county's voter registration forms, or go to or call your county's Board of Elections to retrieve them.
2. Find a location and date to host your voter registration drive. We recommend somewhere with a lot of foot traffic and a lot of young but voting-age people; in New Jersey, you must be 17 to register and 18 to vote. Consider places such as a local high school or college, a mall, a concert, or a town or county event such as a the County Fair. Reach out beforehand to make sure you have approval to host your drive.
3. Bring your forms, some clipboards and lots of pens -- blue or black ink ONLY.
4. Make sure to be non-partisan. Do encourage people to vote for certain policies or politicians.
5. Let people know who you are. Wear March For Our Lives NJ shirts or pins, and/or put up a sign if you're using a table.
6. **OPTIONAL** Make voter education materials. Let people know about candidates in the area, their experience in policy-making and their stances on issues important to your community. You can also play music from a stereo or give out candy and goodies to attract people to your registration drive, if the venue allows it. Be creative!

Good luck!
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