SAT Course Summer
Keystone Youth Center SAT Summer Course consists of a blend of lectures and practice exercises designed specifically for each class. Each student will receive personal attention with completing questions and any learning how to find and illuminate incorrect answers. The course is designed so that all levels of students are taught valuable techniques that will help them to decipher and understand and complete the questions given. Each student’s ability is based on their previous knowledge and experience with the given topics. Each question is discussed in-depth with a step-by-step analysis and discussion of processes to solve any question. Students will be introduced to the following topics Writing, Critical Reading, and Mathematics, and we will spend time on them based on the individual student’s needs. The order in which we study these topics may be arranged differently, again based on the student’s evaluation.

Where: TASC
When: July 2nd-29th
Who: 10th grade w/GPA 3.5+, 11th grade, 12th Grade
Details: 40 hours Math, 40 hours English 60 hours Study Time Saturdays Extracurricular activities.
Payments should be made by 6/15/17 or Before by check or after submitting information on this link.
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