LGBTQ+ Families Gallery Sharing Form-- BHS Day of Dialogue
On Wednesday, Marcy 21, BHS will hold our annual Day of Dialogue, with assemblies on a range of LGBTQ+ issues.

A team of students and faculty are planning a panel on LGBTQ+ families, and we need your help! Our student speakers will talk about growing up in families with LGBTQ+ parents or siblings. In addition, we want to create a gallery reflecting the wide range of LGBTQ+ families in our community. If your family has LGBTQ+ members (parents, kids, aunts, siblings, cousins, grandparents, foster parents, chosen family members, etc. (anyone who is part of your definition of your family), we invite you to submit a testimonial, an anecdote, a memory, a photo, a document, or anything that represents your family.

If you're willing to help us out, please fill out this form to share your story. This shouldn't take long to complete--even a sentence or two will be a valuable contribution!

Please include contact information, as we may need to clarify information with you, and submit your materials here by Tuesday, March 13. If you have any questions, please contact

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If you are a BHS student: what is your grade?
If you are a parent, what is the name of your BHS student(s)?
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Submit a testimonial and/or a photo or other documents here!
Below, you will share information regarding your experiences living within an LGBTQ family.

For part one (your testimonial), please enter a testimonial about your life as a part of a LGBTQ family. You may copy and paste the response into the form or provide us with a shareable link. Some guiding questions are below. Again, these are only guiding questions. You may speak to whatever you want.
- What does your family look like?
- Who are the LGBTQ+ members of your family?
- How open are you about your family?
- How do you feel that being part of this family has affected you as a person?
- What stereotypes about your family/family members would you like to debunk?

**Your response may be any length from a few sentences to one page, double spaced (about 250 words) All responses will be proof-read prior to posting*

If you wish to include one or more pictures of your family, or other relevant documents, please upload them in Section II.

I. Testimonial (link or full response)
II. Photo(s) or other file uploads
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