Public transit agency responses to COVID-19
As we share up-to-date information with riders, Transit is building a public database of how public transit agencies are meeting the challenge of providing essential services during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

The goal of this questionnaire, and the public database it supports, is to collect accurate information for riders and to help public agencies share information as they address this evolving challenge. We are managing this information in real time, so if you need to make an update, just submit the form again or contact us at
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If your website offers a page with daily or more-frequent COVID-19 policy updates, please paste the link below:
Is your agency making any on-vehicle changes?
Is your agency modifying its fare policies?
How is your agency modifying its fixed-route services?
How is your agency communicating information related to COVID-19?
If your agency is sending out service alerts in trip-planning apps, are they route-specific, system-wide, or both?
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Have you updated your GTFS to reflect service changes?
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How is your agency modifying its employee-interaction or facility-interaction policies?
Are you planning to modify paratransit services? If so, how?
If you have microtransit/on-demand services, how are your services changing?
Is your agency collecting or sharing any information concerning trips taken by persons potentially infected by COVID-19?
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If the answer to the previous question was "yes", please share a link to such information if it is publicly available:
Is your agency requesting financial assistance (US agencies only)? If so, please indicate which funding source.
Tell us things we haven't asked about yet that you think other agencies would benefit from knowing about your COVID-19 response efforts.
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