ALTER Fall 2019 Cohort Application
Thank you for your your interest in the Allied Leadership Training for Embodied Resilience (ALTER Program). We already know that you are up to some amazing, impactful work if you are reading this, so thank you for your dedication!

Follow the link below for and read the brief overview of the program and information on dates, times, location and what to expect. More information and support is available upon request. We hope you can join us!

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Holistic Underground Overview
The Holistic Underground is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We support projects which empower the change makers, leaders and organizations in social and environmental impact. We aim to catalyze a more creative, sustainable and holistic movement towards a just and peaceful world.

Our Mission: Supporting the integrity and success of social and environmental change through personal and professional development. Cultivating a culture of interconnectedness in place of the culture of separation.

Our Vision: People working cooperatively across lines of difference to transform an ego-systemic culture of separation into an ecosystemic culture of interconnectedness. In doing so, healing our relationships with the self, each other, and the planet.

Creative and Collaborative Community
Diversity and Accessibility
Communication for Understanding
Empowerment and Resilience
Holistic Wellness
Ecosystems Awareness
Personal and Collective Liberation

In what ways do your values, learning objectives and vision align with Holistic Underground? *
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ALTER Program Focus Areas & Coaching
1. Integrity Centered Strategy: Purpose, Principles and Equitable Relations. Cultivating a rich soil of values in which we plant our projects.

2. Purpose Driven Productivity: Discovering time and project management tools and systems that produce focus, sustainability and enjoyment

3. Effective Communication: cultivate clarity and compassion in personal and professional relationships - in person and virtually.

4. Allyship and Empowerment: Develop the skills and tools you need to consistently demonstrate your values of equity, and make the transformation in your community thats in your heart.

5. Holistic Leadership: Cultivate the positions of leadership, in front, behind and alongside. Learn how to enroll and empower others to unite towards a shared vision. Discovery your personal integrity standards for leadership.

6. Holistic Wellness: Develop your self-care and mindfulness practices to foster the most thriving, vibrant physical, mental and emotional changemaker you can be!


Our coaches are trained in the Acedemy for Coaching Excellence (ACE) framework, which is Ontological in nature. This means that the coaching relationship is guided by your inherent wisdom, and your coach is a thought partner, supporting you to increase clarity and take authentic actions that demonstrate who you truly are.

Useful distinctions:

Therapy is about healing; coaching is about action.

Consulting prescribes expertise-based solutions; coaching puts your own wisdom into action.

Mentoring guides you based on a mentor’s wisdom; coaching guides you according to your own values and intentions.

Training follows a set curriculum toward set objectives; coaching reveals your own objectives and a path to fulfill them.

The Alter Program unites training, coaching and peer-mentorship through skillful facilitation and a community context. We highly value healing such as therapy, and consulting, and can refer you to that form of support if it will nurture your success.

This is not a psychological support group, a course on self-healing, or a replacement for therapy, counseling or healing. We highly value these avenues and believe they work very well in compliment to leadership development.

Given that this is the focus of the program, what interests you in participating in ALTER? *
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Why take a program like this now, as opposed to later?
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If there were two or three key breakthroughs you could have in participating through this program, and leave feeling successful, what would they be?
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We will be creating a space where we care for and support each other to the best of our ability. That being said, are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone to get the benefits of this work?
This program is NOT a therapeutic space to heal experiences from the past. That is important and courageous work! If you are desiring healing in that way it may better serve you to work with a therapist or be in a support group. This program IS a space to grow into your next level of clarity, skill and impact. Given this distinction, is this still what you're looking for?
Please say more about your above answer, so we can see what you see.
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Dates and Times
This program consists of 6 mandatory workshop-classes held twice a month over the span of 3 months, and one day long retreat (02/10). There will be 2 monthly review videos and highly encouraged online “learning labs” for deepened discussion and review with your group. This is accompanied by a minimum of 6 one-on-one coaching sessions to support you in taking your next steps and applying this material to your life.
Application and Deposit are due January 23rd 2018

Class will be hosted at Impact Hub San Francisco 1885 Mission St. San Francisco.
Retreat location will be in San Francisco, location TBD. you will be informed of any changes.


1. Saturday 09/01/19 from 10-6pm (Retreat)
2. Saturday 09/21/19 from 11-3pm
3. Saturday 10/12/19 from 11-3pm (2nd Payment)
4. Saturday 10/26/19 from 11-3pm
5. Saturday 11/16/19 from 11-3pm (3rd Payment)
6. Saturday 11/23/19 from 11-3pm
7. Saturday 12/07/19 from 11-4pm

Review Videos will be recorded after each class. We'll keep them brief and to the point.
Optional Learning labs will be hosted online during the off weeks between class. Dates and time schedule will be determined based on cohort availability.

Special Payment Plans may be made available upon request

I understand that this is a holistic experience. Besides emergencies, I’m willing to be present for the full duration of each session and take care of myself to bring my best focus to our time together. (We recommend getting a good night sleep and refraining from alcohol, substances and intense partying the nights before the workshop.)
If you must miss 1 date, are you willing to pay an additional $30 for a 1-on-1 video catch-up session? We are committed to ensuring you get the full benefit of the program!
Are you willing to support and be supported by the other participants and the HU team in order to produce and extraordinary outcome from this program, to the absolute best of your ability?
Is there any specialized support we as facilitators can try and offer you to make this work most accessible to you? (Eg. Physical Ability, Visual or Hearing Impairment, Neurodiversity, etc.)
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To ensure well-being of all participants, upholding our values, and the continued development of this program, are you willing to provide and receive respectful, compassionate feedback?
Are you willing to complete 2 short surveys, before and after the program?
Are there any other needs, requests or offerings you want to share with us?
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Are you interested in learning about further involvement opportunities with Holistic Underground?
Awesome! You're doing great, thank you!
If you are as busy as we imagine you must be, we highly recommend you take a moment to pencil the dates into your calendar now! That way, if you do choose to take the program, you may save yourself some extra work in clearing the dates and times.
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