Immigrant Social Services (ISS) Summer Youth Programs Interest Form
ISS currently plans to have both in-person and virtual youth summer programs in 2021. Our program will likely start in late June or early July. In-person programs usually take place at a public school site, such as PS 42 and virtual programs take place on ISS's zoom account.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in having your child/children participate in this year's summer youth programs and/or interested in receiving updates on our summer programs.

We are awaiting word from NYCDOE and school leadership on whether in-person programs at public school buildings will be possible for us.

We will be in touch with you as soon as possible before June. Please call 347-638-3688 or email if you have questions in the meantime. Thank you!

华侨社会福利社(ISS)今年计划同时举办线上与线下的暑期暑期青少年课程项目。活动将会于6月下旬或7月初开始。 线下活动班将在公共学校的场地进行,例如PS 42,而线上课程将通过ISS的Zoom帐号进行。



我们将在6月之前尽快与您联系。 如果您在此期间有任何疑问,请致电347-638-3688或发送电子邮件至。 谢谢!
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What is the best phone number to contact you? 您的电话号码以及最方便联系您的时间 *
Which school(s) do your child(ren) currently attend / 您孩子(们)的学校名称: *
Has your child / have your children attended our ISS summer camp before? 您的孩子(们)是否曾经参加过ISS举办的夏令营活动? *
Please list the name of your child, followed by their age and grade. You can write multiple names followed by the child's age and grade, if you have more than one child. 请在下方填写您孩子的姓名,以及其年龄和年级。 如果您有多个孩子,请提供所有孩子的信息: *
Please select the following formats of youth summer programs you are interested in (check all that apply). Kindly note that we will update you closer to June when we have more information if an in-person summer programs are happening.  请选择您感兴趣的活动方式(选中所有适用的选项)。 请您注意,我们将会在6月前告知您关于线下活动可行性的最新消息。 *
Please indicate which of the following type of programming you and your child would be interested in. Academic programs include Math and English Language Arts review, and Enrichment may include activities such as field-trips, arts, STEM, cooking, gardening, sports, and more. 请选择您与孩子感兴趣的课程类型。学术课程包括数学和英文语言艺术的强化学习;兴趣课程包括实地考察学习(如可行),艺术,STEM,烹饪,园艺,运动等。:
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Summer programs run from Monday to Friday. Which time of day would you like your child to participate? 线上课程将于每周一至周五进行。,您希望孩子在一天中的哪个时间段参加?(线下课程将会全天进行,此选择只适用于选择线上课程)?
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Do you know other families who are interested in participating in ISS summer youth programs? If yes, please share with them this form or write their contact information below for us to reach out. 您是否知道其他有兴趣参加ISS夏季青少年课程的家庭? 如果有,请与他们分享此表格或在下方填写他们的联系信息,以便我们与其联系:
Do you have any questions or comments to share with us? Please write them here. 如果您有其他问题或建议想与我们分享,请填写在下方:
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