Eating mochi, pounded rice cakes, is a Japanese New Year's tradition. These special mochi are made of rice and water only- they are not flavored or seasoned, and make a delicious addition to hot soup, or pan fried in butter, or even wrapped in bacon!

On Sunday, December 10, 2023 the Berkeley Ohtani basketball teams, in conjunction with the Berkeley Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple Adult Buddhist Association and the Jr. YBA, will make mochi the old-fashioned way: by steaming sweet rice, kneading and pounding it, then shaping it by hand.

To order: please fill in and submit this form by Saturday, December 2nd.
To prepay: Complete payment via the Paypal link you will receive in your order confirmation email.

Questions? Email ohtanimochi@gmail.com.
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IMPORTANT PICK UP INFORMATION: All orders must be picked up from the temple's social hall on Sunday, December 10th, between noon and 3pm. Senior citizens unable to drive may request delivery locally.
To ensure you get your mochi, you must pre-order AND pre-pay. Just placing an order does not guarantee it!
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Mochi Essentials
Komochi- small individual size mochi cakes
Okasane- a medium-sized mochi stacked atop a larger mochi. These are typically placed on Buddhist altars, along with a tangerine, as a traditional offering at New Year's time (also called Kagami mochi, because they are shaped like old-fashioned Japanese mirrors)
Noshimochi- a sheet of mochi cut into squares for family sized servings
Komochi are $6 for a pound (several on a plate). Please indicate how many pounds you would like to purchase with a NUMBER ONLY. (For instance, 4 not 4 pounds.)
Kasane are $6 for a set. Please indicate how many sets you would like to purchase with a NUMBER ONLY. (For instance, 4 not 4 pounds.)
Noshimochi are $30 for a sheet. Please indicate how many sheets you would like to purchase with a NUMBER ONLY. (For instance, 4 not 4 pounds.)
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