Co-op Position Application 2020 - 2021
Application process:
- Complete Co-op Staff Application (online)
- Complete interview with Teri Peoples (make appt www.extraordinaryeducation .org under office appointments)
- Complete background check (provided by EE)
- Training is required for all jobs at beginning of school year. Workers who do not attend required training will not be allowed to serve. (August 11, 2020 from 9:00 - 2:00, child care will be available)

Other Important Information:
- Each position earns a varying amount of credit based on skills, commitment and responsibility required
- 1 "credit" is worth $10.00
- All positions require a $50 Deposit as stated in Co-op Member Agreement. This deposit is to insure that you will follow through with your commitment.
- Co-op Workers who work during lunch/chapel will not have to pay tuition for this hour for their children. However, all students attending must be enrolled. Tuition will be waived.
- Co-op Staff need to be focused on their job during duty time. This means that co-op workers should not be babysitting their own children during their duty time. Co-op workers may enroll their children in Library time during their duty time for up to one hour per day at no charge. Additional hours of class or Exceed must be paid as usual. (Students who are disruptive during Library time, however, may be subject to loss of Library privileges.)
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