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SESSION CONTENT GUIDELINES — the 3 prongs we aim for in a session are,
(1) something non/pre-mainstream/different/new/fresh
(2) welcome Non-Microsoft/Open-Source preferably with some Cloud tie-in, e.g., Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, etc.
(3) addressing some specific need/function with a focus on some product(s)

some examples: <function/need> | focus <product(s)>
~ 2018: Productivity/GTD with Cloud Suites | focus New Google G-Suite ... Zane Moreign
~ 2017: Adoption of IoT | focus on $2 computing with various options ... Phil Wheat
~ 2010: Leveraging the Cloud | focus on little/no-cost options, Office Live, Google Apps, Azure ... Anthony {Tex} Moreign
Disclosure ...
By submitting your session you/Speaker/Presenter agree to give HCCUG.org NON-exclusive rights to the content/presentation, at no charge (e.g., so HCCUG.org may LIVE-stream and store the presentation), and hold HCCUG.org harmless.

HCCUG.org reserves all rights (e.g., accepting/declining your submission).

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