Apopka High Band Booster Committee Questionnaire

Welcome (or welcome back!) to the Apopka Band Family! We are truly grateful to each of you for taking the time to read through and fill out this form to help our Booster organization in serving our Blue Darter Bands. Your service to our members will be invaluable as we move into the new performance year! We thank you in advance for all that you can and will do on behalf of these great kiddos!

Below you will find committee descriptions and an opportunity to sign up for up to three committees through which to serve in the coming year. Each committee will work directly with the Directors to ensure mission success and accomplishment for each and every element that we set forth to accomplish. We are excited to move forward in this new format and open the doors for "many hands to make light work" of the needs we have within our Organization.

In addition to this questionnaire, once completed, we will reach out to each committee group to find a time to meet and select a Committee Chair, discuss the mission, and establish norms through which each group will choose to work. We know that the ultimate goal is to serve our Program's needs and help our members gain the much needed resources that are necessary for their continued success. That said, this is where we come to you, our Boosters and stakeholders, and reach out to invite you to join us on the journey that lies ahead!

We ask that this questionnaire be completed by FRIDAY, JUNE 9th so that we can begin formulating our committees and connecting the teams that will come together for our Program's success! PLEASE FILL OUT ONE FORM PER PARENT WITHIN THE HOUSEHOLD SO THAT WE CAN BEST CONNECT EACH PERSON WITH THE COMMITTEES THAT THAT WISH TO SERVE WITHIN. Thank you!

Committee Opportunities:

FUNDRAISING: Work to establish regular, efficient opportunities for our membership to earn the funds necessary to facilitate the Program financial goals. Will work alongside the Finance committee to help generate funds to meet the budgeted goals.

CONCESSIONS: Work to prepare, staff, and maintain the concessions operation for our Program. This includes Football games as well as hosting opportunities that may occur throughout the given year. Committee will handle purchase, sales, and inventory of products; work to continually maintain high profit standards for the continued success of our sales operation. Work with AHS School Staff with purchase orders, deposits, and accounting needs.

OPERATIONS: Work to handle all logistical needs for the Program to include all travel needs, procurement of trailers, trucks, route planning, etc. as pertains to the movement of the Program. Assist with storage/building needs. Assist Directors with logistical management of Program's assets as well as performance logistics management.

UNIFORMS: Work to maintain Program's inventory of uniforms to include tailoring needs. Maintains records for sizing and purchase needs for student worn items. Works with Gear Sales Committee to handle all purchases for the Program. Will work with Directors and Finance Committee regarding regularly scheduled cleanings to ensure good uniform health and care throughout the year.

VOLUNTEER: Work to maintain working schedule of Program's multitude of Volunteers and assist with staffing throughout the year for each mission. Will work with Directors to staff Chaperones as needed for each event. Will work with various Committees Chairs to assist in staffing events as needed. Will monitor and log volunteer hours for year to submit to the school for FIve Star rating. (Note: Band Volunteer Hours alone can total more than the required number for our campus to reach the Five Star Status! Go Band!) Work with all Program Volunteers as well as AHS Administration to ensure ADDITIONS STATUS is clear and ready for each Volunteer to work with our Program. Will maintain student Health & Release forms for all travel opportunities.

HYDRATION: Works with Directors to ensure there is hydration ready for each Rehearsal and Performance environment. Will maintain a basic First Aid kit.

HOSPITALITY: Work to plan and implement as needed within our Program. Events include: Future Darter Marcher Night, Alumni Band/Homecoming, Band Banquet, Jazz Dinner-Dances, and other events as needed. Will work with Finance Committee on budgets, procurement of funds, and needs for each event.

BAND CAMP: Work with Directors to prepare an environment that is ready for students to learn and grow in an all day setting. Things to prepare include but are not limited to: work with Hydration committee for student water needs, Student Lunch/Snack Time supervision, Staff lunches, Student End of Day treats (Icees!), and other elements that are deemed appropriate for the experience.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Work with Directors and various media (normal and social) outlets to spread the message and mission of the Program. Will help craft the message to be submitted and work to present material in a timely manner for public consumption. Will work with photographers (amatuer and professional) to maintain a visual account of the Program through all performance elements throughout the year. This includes Marching, Concert, Jazz, Percussion, Color Guard, Prism and any other performance opportunities that have within the Program.

TRIP: Work with Directors to plan and implement all necessary functions of a school-sponsored Trip experience. Work with travel companies to procure pricing, work out payment options, payment methods for students, etc. Work with Fundraising Committee to help provide opportunities for raising necessary funds. Work with all facets of OCPS Protocols and Procedures to ensure trip meets guidelines for approval.

GEAR SALES: Work with Uniform committee, Finance Committee and Directors to make ALL purchases for gear within the Program. This includes student gear, parent/fan gear, etc. Works to ensure efficiency and accuracy of both purchase and delivery process. Research new ways to celebrate our Program through fan gear and "swag" that can be used to enhance the Program.

SPECIAL PROJECT/CAPITOL CAMPAIGN: Works to meet goal of mission accomplishment towards raising funds, building, and procuring all needs for the given campaign. (Ex: Band Trailer Campaign.) Members from all backgrounds and abilities are needed to help meet the goals of this setting as it relates to the needs of the Program. Each project is unique and requires skill sets necessary to meet the goals for the project.

Finance Committee: Works directly with the Directors to manage the Program budget, ensure all accounts payable and accounts receivable items are taken care of in a timely manner, work with AHS Staff and Admin for accuracy and efficiency in bookkeeping procedures and protocols according to OCPS guidelines.

CHAPERONE: Works to ensure safety and security of members in Performance and Trip environments. Works with Operations in travel settings to located and prepare seating area for Program. Works with Directors on performer timeline for the given event. Assists with all student movement as needed and oversees concessions/food times in each environment.

***Committee Chairs: These individuals will work directly with the Directors regarding all needs within the given area of service. This individual will work with the committee to ensure mission accomplishment through the help of the group. This individual also understands that our teams are volunteers and will strive for "FUN" in our working relations and opportunities to serve the Blue Darter Band Program!


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