Information Dissemination Survey
This survey is anonymous so please provide any feedback that you think will help to inform the way information about ICT (particularly Google is shared). The questions all refer to information contained in emails about ICT within Nexus unless otherwise stated. It will be used to determine the best way to share relevant tools, nothing more.

If you are interested in seeing the results for yourself and/or being involved in the interpretation of the results, please let me know. This is intended to be a completely transparent process where everyone has a voice.
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Do you subscribe to any newsletters, forums or blogs related to ICT tools for teaching and learning? *
In the last term, how many ICT tools related to teaching and learning have you explored or tested? *
This question refers to ANY tools you've explored, not just those from emails. Aim = to get a general picture of how much exploration of tools there is, if any.
How often do you open Nexus emails you know are related to ICT matters? *
Of the emails you do open, roughly how many do you think COULD apply to your teaching? *
This question tries to establish the relevance of tips that are sent out to your particular context, given that some teachers in a department will be interested and others won't be. So, for example, 2 out of 4 members of a department might find a tool useful, where 2 do not. Therefore, the tool COULD be useful in that subject area.
If you do NOT explore a particular (or any) ICT tool, what would be the reason(s)? *
Tick all that apply.
What do you think is the most effective way to share information around ICT teaching and learning tools? *
Most effective
Quite effective
Somewhat effective
Not really effective
Not effective at all
Forum that individuals subscribe to
Weekly digest email (all staff) with summary of contents/relevance at the top
Emails (all staff) as and when new tools are to be shared
Meetings where departments showcase their use of a particular tool
No communication
Any other comments? *
Please use the space below to add any additional comments you think would be useful in determining how staff receive communications about ICT learning tools. If there is an issue, a suggested solution would be a constructive addition. If you feel the questions above did not allow for a comprehensive response, please add anything else you'd like taken into consideration here.
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