UTSG MEDLIFE Service Learning Trip Application (2019-2020)
Welcome! There are a lot of NGOs out there that can appear to be similar to MEDLIFE. To make sure that we are never confused with the rest of those organizations, we have created this document to highlight the morals that we hold dear and that separate us from the rest.

MEDLIFE is a non-profit organization aiming to help families achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives. The organization have partnered with motivated individuals in poor communities working to improve their access to MEDs: Medicine, Education and Community Development. Currently, MEDLIFE operates in Ecuador, Panama, and Peru and our staffs seek out the poorest of the poor in each country.

WE PROVIDE FOLLOW UP CARE- even after our volunteers leave, there are always local trained staff helping to carry out MEDLIFE's core mission and providing healthcare to the communities!

WE HIRE HEROES!- Seriously! They might not be wearing a cape but we assure you they are as much a hero as anyone you have ever read about in a comic book. We look for the most committed staff, people who were working to serve the poor even before MEDLIFE started working with them. Our national directors wear hiking boots to work, their offices are the communities we work in. People like Martha Chicaiza and Carlos Benavides inspire us all to go to greater lengths to serve the poor. There's a reason MEDLIFE hires them to be in charge: we believe in the wisdom of Peruvians fighting to help the poor of Peru, we believe in strong Ecuadorian women leading the fight for better health in the poorest communities of Ecuador. We don't just stand beside the poor, we live among the poor, we fight hand in hand, we build together, we "seguir adelante" together.

(If you are interested in the entire document, please visit our website for more information!)


This is the 2019-2020 UTSG MEDLIFE Service Learning Trip application form. We bring along truly passionate students on our Trips. This application is open to BOTH UTSG and non-UTSG members. Please note that there will be priority seating for UTSG registered members. However, everyone will require membership to apply. Please visit our Chapter's website for membership information!

Once again, thank you for your interests in our MEDLIFE Chapter. We hope to have you join us on our mission overseas!

Kindest regards,
The University of Toronto MEDLIFE Chapter
(For more information about this chapter, visit our Facebook page)
Website: www.utsgmedlife.com

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