Prairie Ridge - Proxy

In the event you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting, your presence will be noted by utilizing this proxy. Please make sure to attend the meeting or return this proxy. If quorum is not met, the Association is required to hold a second meeting which costs the Association unnecessary funds.

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This proxy, which is executed for the Annual Meeting scheduled for April 22, 2024, or any adjournment thereof, carries with it the full right to the proxy-holder to cast his/her vote(s) as he/she sees fit, as follows:

1.       To elect member(s) to the Board;

2.       To vote on any matters which may properly come before the meeting. 

I am submitting this proxy electronically and in lieu of a signature the checkbox below is my attestation that I am the owner of record for the above referenced address. I understand that any falsification, omission, or concealment of material fact may subject me to administrative, civil, or criminal liability. *
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