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Hiring billboards to create awareness and generate fame means you want/need great artwork.

Your Billboard design will be based off this form. Please include all information.

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Viewers will look at your billboard for 1-3 seconds. That translates to 4 to 5 words. Focus on your brand, business name, or memorable website url. You want to give viewers the info they need to find you in a web search. Advertisers are often tempted to include a phone number on their ad. However, we have found that the chances of someone reading your ad, becoming interested, and then memorizing a phone number or pulling over to write it down is very unlikely.
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New customers should be able to easily find you by remembering your name or message. When they have a problem you solve, you will be top of mind.

Powerful images are very effective to communicate a message and set your business apart from others in your industry.

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What to expect: Your ad design will directly reflect the information you provide in this form. Because Blip is not a marketing agency, you are responsible for your advertising content. We will get your ad back to you as quickly as possible. Please make sure this form is filled out to the best of your ability because we only allow minimal revisions.
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