Juggle This! 2014 Survey
A brief survey so we can get feedback about Juggle This! 2014. We want to make next year's festival bigger and better. We can't do that without you!
The Festival
What were your favorite parts of the festival?
The answer can be about the location, facilities, activities, whatever!
What was your least favorite part about the festival?
It's hard to please everyone, but that's our goal. Let us know if anything bothered you.
How do you think the festival can be improved?
Do you like the idea of one special premium workshop with a special guest?
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What did you think of the location of the festival?
Was it easy for you to get to? Easy to find food nearby? Any parking issues? Etc.
Would you recommend Juggle This to other jugglers?
Clear selection
Would you recommend Juggle This to NON-jugglers?
Clear selection
We try our best to provide housing by connecting festival attendees, but it's not always possible. There are many hotels and hostels available for decent prices, and even cheaper apartment rentals, but we want to make your trip to NYC as affordable as NYC can be.
If you were looking for housing, would you be interested in staying a Barnard dorm?
Barnard can offer housing, with a minimum group size required, so we are trying to see if there is enough interest. Prices around $70/night single or $40/night shared double, 3-night stay (Thursday check-in, Sunday check-out).
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The Barnard dorm rooms would most likely be prepaid, with no cancellations. If interested, how long before the festival would you be willing to book?
Clear selection
Any other housing comments, or feedback on the Barnard dorm option?
The Show Spectacular
For the Show Spectacular, do you prefer assigned seating or general admission?
Clear selection
Any other comments about the festival or shows?
Let us know if there is anything else you would like us to know, suggestions?
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