University of the Arts London Discovery Webinars in Nov & Dec 2023
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Application and Portfolio Advice (Pre-degree and Undergraduate)

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You agree to receive information from time to time and share your details with the University of the Arts London Marketing and Recruitment Representative Office (Hong Kong & Macau) as specified in .
We will register this UAL event on your behalf and you may be communicated about other events and activities. 

您同意不定期收到倫敦藝術大學授權香港及澳門市場及招生代表處的相關資訊,並根據 分享您的詳細信息。我們會為您報名倫敦藝術大學以上的活動及就著其他活動與您聯繫。
Notice on Use of Personal Data subsequent to amendment of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
To ensure that you are informed of the latest information about studying in the UK and other related matters, we might be delivering information to you related to studying abroad or for recruitment purposes of Chamberlain and/or marketing communications such as seminars, workshops etc through your personal data. Should you not wish to receive any such information, kindly inform us by emailing to

為確保您了解有關在英國留學和其他相關事宜的最新信息,我們將有機會透過您的個人資料向您提供與出國留學相關的信息或天麟教育英國院校招生和/或營銷傳播(如講座、工作坊等)的信息。如果您不希望收到任何此類信息,請發送電子郵件至 告知我們。
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