This is a nonpartisan, non-political and non-religious economic mobility movement. Thanks for considering Free Liberia!
After 30 years of research, the TRUTH hidden for 200 years was exposed; corruption in Liberia isn't an accident or because of incompetence or illiteracy. Liberia is corrupt to the core and broken by design. Liberia was not created as a "Land of Liberty" or a democracy. And contrary to what we have been taught and told that Liberia was not colonized by any country, the United States of America was and still is Liberia's colonial Master. Liberia was not founded by "freed American Slaves" and Liberia is not free.. Instead, brutal white supremacists who were also high ranking US Government Officials and Slave Owners illegally created the American Colony of Liberia.

The name, Liberia, our seal, our commercial district, Bushrod Island, our Capital City, Monrovia and our corrupt system of governance (representative democracy) are deceptive plots of Liberia’s slaveholding founding fathers, slave masters, and high ranking US Government Officials from all three branches of the US Government.
Matthew 12:33 “Make the tree good and its fruits good or make the tree corrupt and its fruits corrupt. A tree is known by its fruits.”
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