TheLlamaSir's Top Fortnite Moments/Plays Submission Form
Any epic kills, funny moments, glitches, snipes, impulse grenade clips, just ANYTHING COOL is accepted! :)
What's the link to your clip?
(Upload your video to YouTube (as UNLISTED or PUBLIC, not private) or another site and link it here. High quality is preferred.)
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Is it the raw clip? Meaning there are no watermarks, text, or other obstructive visuals.
Preferably, it should include audio but doesn't need it.
Do you give me full permission to edit and re-upload your clip royalty-free on my channel?
(I will of course give you credit if I do use it.) By agreeing to this, you are providing a royalty-free, commercial license, in perpetuity for TheLlamaSir to upload, distribute, modify and promote your content with or without monetization world-wide. This license is non-revocable, non-exclusive, and will not provide any ownership of TheLlamaSir content. In simpler words, are you giving me permission to use your clip?
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*NOTE* I will credit the YouTube Name (Or player name if that's not available) of the clip.
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