E-learning survey Cover crops
You have just finished an e-learning courses of the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) , and now we would like to know your impressions and your opinion about it.
Your answers will help us to improve the courses and make it easier and more attractive for the students.
What do you think about the lesson you just have done ?
Very bad lesson
Very good lesson
Clear selection
Which lesson about cover crops did you do?
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How would you rate the relevance of the contents?
Not interesting
Very interesting
Clear selection
How would you rate the difficulty of the course?
Very difficult
Very easy
Clear selection
What is the most relevant section of the resource that you have seen ?
What is the less attractive section of the resource that you have seen ?
How do you feel about the time spend to do the e-learning course?
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Do you think the activities help you to assess your knowledge?
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Which tool should we increase to improve the attractiveness of the course?
How would you rate the design of the course?
Not good
Very good
Clear selection
If you have more comments or ideas to improve the e-learning courses, please feel free to give us your feedbacks :
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