Beer/Brewery CIBA Judging Registration Form 2020
Each brewery may submit 2 beers for judging free of charge. Each additional beer submitted for judging is $25 (which will be taken out of sample token redemption after the event). Beers can only be registered in one category (with the exception of beers that have never been in the event before, as those beers may also be registered in the 'Rookie of the Year' category in addition to their style category). Please ensure you are familiar with all the rules governing the CIBAs (Canadian International Beer Awards). If you have any questions, please email David Nuttall, our head judge at  -

Terms & Conditions:
* The Canadian International Beer Awards are based on BJCP guidelines but is not an official BJCP event.  
* You may enter as many unique beers as you want - each unique beer may only be entered into one category (i.e. if you enter a beer into Light Lagers - it cannot go into another category).
* The one exception to this rule is the 'Rookie of the Year' category. If a beer has never been at the event, it may be entered in its unique style category and also in the 'Rookie of the Year' category. This is the sole exception.
* First 2 beers per brewery entered into the CIBAs are free. Each additional beer entered is $25 and will be taken out of sample tokens after the show so there is no up-front cost.
* The brewery itself must be registered as an exhibitor in order to qualify for the judging. (i.e. A beer may be poured at a restaurant/pub/eatery booth, but if the brewery itself is not registered in the festival as an exhibitor, it does not qualify for the CIBAs)
* All beers entered into the CIBAs must be poured at the event and available for consumers to sample. Judging stewards will be coming to your booth to collect the beer at any point starting at 3:30 p.m. on the Friday, and 1:00 p.m. on the Saturday. It is your responsibility to have the equivalent of 1.5 litres or can/bottle equivalent to give to the steward as soon as they arrive. Timing is crucial for the CIBAs - if your beer is not ready, you will not be judged and no refund will be given.
* We judge a maximum of 22 beers per judging group. If there are more than 22 beers entered into a certain style category, we will break them in to 2 or more 'heats'. If one of your beers makes the finals, a steward will need to come and collect another 1.5 litres or can/bottle equivalent. Heats are normally held on Friday, with the finals held on Saturday.
* Note the two new categories which were added in 2019 for the new varieties of "Juicy", "Hazy", "Milkshake", Brett IPA/PA, NEPA, and NEIPA, Brut IPA, etc. beers. Put your beers of these styles in either 'Specialty IPA' or 'Specialty PA' categories based on how you describe them. Fruit added IPAs and PAs should still be put in 'Fruit Beer' category. Regular British, American, Double/Imperial IPAs still have their own 'IPA' category.

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