6/18/18 - High Line Tour and Dinner
I love to visit the High Line - its a special place, one of the best places to visit in NYC. Its an park that runs for about 1.5 milesnow, starting in the Meat Packing District at 14th Street and Gansevort Street and ending now at 34th Street, across the street from the Javits Center. Its an elevated park, on abandoned railroad tracks, about 30 feet above the street. It has spurred over $2 billion worth of development and rising property values in the area. The Highline Park has a lot of interesting zones and buildings in the area, some of which overhang the park!

Also, nearby they have opened a new subway station for the 7 line in the new Hudson Yards area of Far West Manhattan.

We will explore this area and a new park and boulevard being built in this area.

There is
Here is an interesting article about the High Line Park, from National Geographic


and some pictures from the past


We will meet at the benches outside of the new 7 train subway station, between 10th and 11th avenue. I will give a tour of this new area and then of the highline park and its history and we will then eat dinner and see the sunset over the Hudson, likely around the 15th street area of the High Line.

We will end around 8:30/9pm, as it starts getting dark. Depending on the RSVPs, we might need to limit the size of the group, so dont get closed out!

See you!



The weather right now is for a good day for this event, in the mid 80s with a slight chance of rain - unless we have a pretty definite chance of rain we will not cancel.


TIME: 6:45 PM - 9:00 PM ( Sunset is about 8:30 pm).

COST: $10, which includes our standard event fee, which we use to support our events and goes towards the purchase of books, maps and other things to enhance the events.

Location: 34th Street - Hudson Yards Subway Stop on the 7 line, between 10th and 11th Avenue

We will meet at the benches just outside the station, along 34th Street. We will explore the area and then walk down to the highline and pick a spot for dinner, probably around the nice chaise chairs around 15th street, where we can see sunset nicely over the Hudson.


Dinner, a hat, suntan lotion. BRING YOUR OWN DINNER - We plan to eat dinner together around 8:15 or so around 15th Street along the High Line.

I will be supplying some snacks.


Here is a Google maps link to the location we are meeting at, which you can use to generate your own directions to the location. Just don't try to drive your car onto the high line!


here is a link with details of the park, a map and nearby bus and subway stops.


and a pdf guide to the park

The park is fully handicap accessible, a rare urban hike that all can attend!

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