USTA at Woods
As an alternative to the paper form, you may use this form to submit your USTA roster before your match time.

Outdoors: $1 members, $7 non-members
Indoors: $11 members, $14 non-members
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Payment options
Captain Paying:
If choosing "Pay for the Team" option, cost will be:
3-court matches: $42 outdoors, $84 indoors
4-court matches: $49 outdoors, $98 indoors
5-court matches: $56 outdoors, $112 indoors 

Team Members with Pre-Stored CC on File:
Any player may choose to store a credit card on file with Woods, and when we have that on file, that player may be charged directly.

Team Members with Credit on Account:
If players would like to pay for themselves without storing a card, they may call in advance and load a credit onto their accounts that can be used to deduct any of their USTA payments. They should have a CC ready when they call. 
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