Experimental Rules Video Feedback
How much of the full game did you watch? *
Please watch at least some of the full game (not just the highlight video) in order to form an informed opinion.
Was the video fun to watch?
Coed play feedback
I want to clarify that I'm not proposing that this replace mixed ultimate at any level, whether club nationals or league or pick-up. I do think it is an interesting format worth exploring for showcase games and it is in that context that I organized this experiment and am seeking your feedback.
By the end of watching the game, how did you feel about two distinct gender lines? (check all that apply)
Did your impression of the distinct gender lines change from the beginning of the game to the end?
How did the every other point pacing feel as a spectator?
If you have experience watching standard mixed play (4/3), how did this compare overall?
Compared to 4/3 mixed play, in this format the women were featured ____.
Other thoughts about the coed play format?
Other rules feedback
How did you like the rule changes?
Fill out as many or as few as you'd like.
Could not determine from video
No preference
Field dimensions 70x40 yd with 20 yd endzones. (Same as USAU, but smaller than AUDL)
Game to time instead of points
Quarters end on the possession (instead of hard at the clock)
Teams attack the same direction 3 points in a row
Observers actively call travels
Other active observer calls (up/down, in/out, offsides)
Players initiate foul calls
Players initiate pick calls
Players are always allowed to move during stoppages and timeouts.
10 yd penalties
Observers using whistles instead of yelling
70/90 sec between points (we used this timing in the 1st half, USAU standard)
50/70 sec between points (we used this timing in the 2nd half, shorter than USAU)
Optionally swapping genders on timeouts
Subbing on timeouts within the gender already on the field (we didn't get to test this because of numbers, but give your best guess)
Coaches calling *offensive* timeouts from the sideline
Coaches calling *defensive* timeouts from the sideline
Electronically timed stall count vs. player counted
7 second stall count (used in the 1st half)
6 second stall count (used in the 2nd half)
Other thoughts about the rule changes?
Entertainment value
How did you feel about the pace of play? (check all that apply)
If this were put on as a showcase format, would you find this format entertaining? (check all that apply)
Space to expand on entertainment answers if desired.
Just about finished.
Thanks for your feedback!
Based on watching the video of the scrimmage, would you attend a showcase game with a similar format in the future?
Explain why or why not (optional).
Other thoughts about anything else?
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