Eligibility Questionnaire
All of your responses are completely confidential.
If you are eligible for our study, the information in this questionnaire that could help us in identifying who you are, will be destroyed once the testing is done. The only information that we keep with us will be a participate code (an arbitrary number) representing your data. If you are not eligible, all your information submitted through this questionnaire will be destroyed immediately.
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What are your initials? *
What are the initials of the friend/close-one with whom you want to participate?
What is your email address? (for communicating about the experiment) *
How old are you ? *
What is your gender?
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How many years of university studies have you completed *
Are you right or left handed ? (if eligible, you will be tested on handedness) *
Is your vision normal or do you wear glasses/contacts ? *
Do you have strabismus or color blindness ? *
This is an EEG (electroencephalography) experiment that requires the scalp to be directly reached for recording your brain waves. Do you have dreadlocks, cornrows, or another hairstyle that could impede this? *
An electrode also needs to be placed on your earlobe. Do you have stretched/gauged earlobes? *
On average, how many alcoholic drinks do you consume per week? *
On average, how often do you use drugs (including cannabis) per week? *
Have you ever used any drugs by injection? *
Do you smoke cigarettes? *
Can you go 5 hours without smoking without feeling too stressed?
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Have you ever been hit in the head and lost consciousness? Did you ever lose consciousness for more than 5 minutes? *
Have you ever had a seizure? *
Do you get migraines lasting several days? *
Have you ever had difficulties with your mental health, like depression, panic attacks, or other anxiety troubles? *
Were you ever given a psychiatric diagnosis? If so, please specify it and indicate whether it is still ongoing. *
Have you needed to take any psychiatric medication in the past two years? *
Has anyone in your immediate family been diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or another psychiatric disorder? *
For how long have you known your siblings/friend/known one that you are coming with to the lab? *
How often do you spend time with you friend/sibling/ known one (with whom you will come) per week? *
Do you consider yourself to be a people pleaser (a social chameleon)? *
How many people do you consider close in your life? (People with whom you share similar values, perceptions, personality; people that you feel understand you at a deeper level) *
If you are eligible to the study, we will need to call you to discuss issues about COVID symptoms and consent form. Can you provide a phone number and a time when you are available for us to call you? *
What is your mother tongue? *
How many years of study have you completed in English ? *
How many years of study have you completed in French? *
What is your availability for the experiment? *
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