PROTECT Multimodal DB User Agreement
The images are Copyright University of Reading. "PROTECT Multimodal DB" dataset is sponsored by the EU project, PROTECT. The person responsible is Prof.James Ferryman, email: .

Please go through the terms of the User Agreement carefully.

By indicating your acceptance of the Agreement, you are agreeing to the terms below:

1. University of Reading (hereinafter “the Provider”) hosts and provides the "PROTECT Multimodal DB" dataset (hereinafter “the Dataset”).

2. As user, (hereinafter “the User”), you are granted non-exclusive right to use the dataset.

3. The dataset can only be used for research purposes, not for commercial use in any form, including original files, encrypted files, files containing extracted features, or others.

4. The dataset must not be disseminated to third parties and may only be used by the user and, in a need-to-know basis, of those direct research colleagues who belong to the same research institution and have acceded to the terms of this license agreement.

5. Publication of research results should acknowledge the dataset as requested by the provider. No image shall be published without the consent of the dataset provider being requested and granted in writing.

6. The provider is not liable for any damage or possible damage caused to you, software or hardware, arising out of the use or inability to use the dataset.

7. The User is agreeing that the personal data sent in this form will be stored by the Provider and processed only for effects of notifications directly related to the PROTECT project.

8. The Agreement is to be signed on the User’s side by the lab responsible or a staff member by writing full name in the 'Signature' box below. The signed agreement should then be submitted electronically by clicking on the 'Submit' button below.

9. The User will receive a link to download the dataset after the signed agreement has been validated.
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