Placement Information for 2018
Please complete this form if you wish to convey specific information to the principal about the home group placement of your child for 2018. It is not necessary to submit information unless you have specific concerns.

Each of our whānau teams is made up of 40 - 100 children and 2 - 4 teachers. All whānau teachers share responsibility for teaching all children in the whānau, but will have primary responsibility for a home group of 15 - 30 students. The home group teacher is your first point of contact for questions about your child's learning and wellbeing and will ensure that your child achieves success in the curriculum.

Before compiling home groups for next year we will consider all information available to us including children's friendships and learning needs. All Ridgway School teachers are highly qualified and are fully competent to provide for the full range of educational needs that our students have.

Parents wishing to provide information to assist us in making up home groups must provide it via this form by Sunday 19 November. Information provided in previous years is seldom relevant so will not be referred to, and neither will comments made to teachers whether written or verbal. Providing information via this form does not guarantee a particular placement can be made and this form is not intended as a means of selecting a preferred teacher.

Students will be asked to name friends who help them to learn and we do our best to ensure that every child is placed with at least one of their named friends.

Home groups for 2018 will be announced on the 15 December when children will spend half a day with their 2018 home group teacher. No changes will be made from this date.

Kathryn Smith

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