EEG iCap Incident Support Request
Have you had a connection issue or other problem using iCap(TM) software that you would like to report? Please fill out the below form with the details. You may choose to be contacted with analysis and follow-up based on your report, or you may elect to not be contacted and contribute the report simply to help us understand user issues and improve upcoming iCap products.
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When did the incident you want to report occur?
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When did the incident begin? Please use US eastern time if possible.
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What captioner account(s) experienced this issue? Please include both the iCap company account name and the individual user account name.
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Detailed Description
Is there any additional information about the incident you can share? It may help to describe the duration of the incident, whether the incident has occurred previously in similar situations, and whether the problem is ongoing or if a workaround or temporary fix has been established.
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