Brief of the performance marketing studio "Peklo"
It will take up to 5 minutes to fill. This is necessary to study your product and prepare a commercial proposal in advance of our future e-meeting.  Usually, it takes 2-4 working days to analyze your responses and prepare a proposal.
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Describe briefly the “portrait” of your buyer/consumer
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Please describe briefly your business as objectively as possible: how long have you been on the market, position in the market in general, shortcomings and difficulties.
Your competitive advantages, unique selling propositions
A brief description in any format will be enough. If you don't know how to answer, skip this field.
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What was done before, what work is being done now? A short answer is enough.
Your goals
For example: increased traffic, orders, calls and sales; basic optimization of the web site/mobile applications for search engines; building an internal system of product and sales analytics; training and consulting on digital marketing for your team.
What digital promotion channel are you interested in?
If you have a specific understanding of what you need exactly to achieve your goals, then list the tools (for example: SEO and Google Ads). Or you can indicate that you expect the best offers from us.
What is your planned marketing budget?
Do you have an understanding of how much you are willing to allocate for promotion?
Do you have a Web Development specialist or Web Development department to improve the web site, and are you ready to allocate resources for this?
Almost always, technical improvement of the web site is necessary in order to increase conversion and traffic from search engines (SEO). Therefore, it is necessary to involve Web Development specialists in such tasks.
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