Exclusive NEW CONTENT Promo - 2018
FREE to participate. And as an added bonus, everyone who signs up will get a code for a free King Sumo giveaway to use whenever you want (no expiration date) when you sign up (must have completed your shiny new content to be counted as "signed up").

**Deadline to sign up:** November: 24


-Reward loyal readers... and find new readers who have a higher chance of becoming loyal readers;
-give a standalone or a series a little nudge in sales;
-increase engagement with your readers by asking them what they'd like to see...


This is a special little promo that only happens ONCE A YEAR. Who likes fun little snippets of new content? Loyal readers - because they love everything you write. And authors - because you can write whatever you want (revisit your favorite series or book), and since it's super short - it's really easy to get it done!

How does it work and what do you need to do?

1) Think about what you want to write and brainstorm some ideas. It could be a deleted scene from your favorite or most popular book/series, a bonus chapter, a prologue or epilogue if you haven't written one already, a short prequel, a short seasonal story, a short story from some side characters you or your readers really loved, etc.

2ish) Optional step to increase reader engagement - brainstorm some ideas that YOU would have fun writing, then start engaging with your readers with what they'd like to see. You might poll them on: what their favorite book of yours is (and why they like it), their favorite characters (and why they are their favorite), their favorite romance tropes (give them a little list), if there are any loose ends they are wondering about from one of your books/series, if they are curious about what happened before one of your books/series, if they are interested in reading a defining moment that reveals more about a favorite character's motivation/personality, if they would like a seasonal (christmas, halloween, thanksgiving) short story with characters from one of your books/stories, ETC.

2) You write some BRAND NEW content of at least 1,000 words, max 5,000 words; preferably a bonus that goes with your favorite or most popular book or series.

3) Slap together a free cover that still looks great: use an existing cover from your book or series, and add a label to it using the free graphics design site: canva.com. Examples of labels: "Bonus Chapter" "Deleted Scene" "Christmas Short"

4) Set up a bookfunnel or instafreebie giveaway link with your new content and modified cover.

5) Come back here and fill out this form.

Then... I take everyone's links and make a landing page for everyone to share during the promotion (and share graphics!)

**Tentative Dates of promotion:** December 1 through 18 (two weeks - during this two weeks, please keep your new content exclusive to the giveaway to encourage readers to sign up. After the giveaway ends, do whatever you'd like with it!)

**Deadline to sign up:** Nov 24 - but the sooner you signup, the sooner I send you a code for a free King Sumo promo


~Content must be brand new and never published, never seen before by your readers/public

~Please be prepared to keep new content exclusive to this giveaway for the duration of the giveaway

~You must have an Amazon presence, and books must have at least a 4.0 star rating.

~Books must have a professional cover.

Cost: FREE

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