Corporate Secretarial Sign-up
Companies are required by ASIC (the company regulator) to:
- Inform ASIC of changes to the company structure (directors, shareholders, etc) as they occur;
- Confirm their details with ASIC annually on the anniversary of the company's formation;
- Maintain a registered office for delivery of correspondence; and
- Maintain a corporate register.

By signing up to our corporate secretarial service, you are authorising MCA Accountants Pty Ltd to act act as your agent for all dealings with ASIC.

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Plan Options
We have 3 plans available:
- Premium: Suitable for active companies that have the possibility of changes to structure, ownership, and control. Often these will be companies that have unrelated groups involved.
- Standard: Perfect for family businesses where ownership, control, and location don't alter often. This is suitable for 95% of small businesses
- Sole Purpose SMSF: Only available for companies that are registered with ASIC as sole purpose SMSF trustees.

You are also able to opt to look after the ASIC compliance requirements of your company yourself if you prefer.

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