Drykkur Early Combat Build Feedback
Please provide critical feedback in relation to the early build of Drykkur you have received.

General Game Information: http://drykkur.com/press/sheet.php?p=drykkur

Build Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2tGZmpGi7EkSlVSOEljUmNaa0U

Note: At this time a Xbox Controller is required to play Drykkur.


RT - Magic ( Hold RT + X to perform Seidr attack)
LB - Switch between tools ( hold for tool wheel)
RB - Use Primary Tool
A - Jump
B - Use Bow ( When Equipped)
X - Secondary Weapon Attack
Y- Ulfberht Attack
Left Stick - Movement
Right Stick - Dodge
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How would you rate the pacing / speed of the combat as a whole *
Way too slow / sluggish
Way too fast
Why did you pick the above response?
What makes it feel sluggish? Or what makes it feel too fast? Etc.?
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What do you like most about the combat?
Please be as specific as you can
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What do you like least / find to be most frustrating about the combat?
Please be as specific as you can
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Are there any features you would expect to find with this style of combat that are missing?
This can also be used for general combat suggestions (EX: " I wish I could dodge while in the air")
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Do you feel that the combat has a high learning curve?
Are the controls confusing? Was it easy to pick up and play?
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How do you feel the combat could be improved upon?
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Did you find any bugs while playing?
Feel free to list any bugs you may have found while playing
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Open Forum!
Provide us with any feedback you'd like in relation to the build ( Art / combat / animations / etc etc)
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Would you like to receive future builds to provide feedback on?
If Yes, please provide us with the best email to contact you with
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