GSuite Cyberinfrastructure Stimulus Application
Considering current and recent events the Fluid Numerics team is offering a Stimulus Package for GSuite which provides collaboration and productivity tools to teams in order to assist with communication and productivity. Please fill out this form if you are interested in receiving promotional pricing as listed at

We are offering this to community members and teams in need of this solution and are asking that teams able to step forward with a larger contribution per month please do so. This allows us to develop a proactive plan and resource pool that will assist with future community support projects. Learn more at the link above or provided following the completion of this application.
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If you would like to benefit from Stimulus Pricing or set an adjustable contribution to community funding select Yes below. If you are able to pay regular price for services and would simply like to contribute between 35-55% of profits to community projects by using us as your GSuite Reseller, Thank You so much, and select No below.
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