Nomination form: Revolution Area Go-Give Seminar 2020
Deadline: Monday July 6th
The deadline for the Miss Go Give nomination and all photos for videos to be submitted is Monday July 6th but if possible please submit Sunday July 5th evening so we can work on them 1st thing Monday.
This award is for a consultant who embodies the Mary Kay Ash "Go Give" spirit - one who exemplifies warmth, caring, generous spirit of giving to others, operates her business with the highest of integrity and ethics and exudes love to those around her. This award is truly the highest honor a Consultant can receive within the company. Those who participate in the nomination process should do so thoughtfully and with regard for the heritage behind this award. Nominee must must register for Revolution National Area Virtual Awards to be awarded. (If the consultant is now a sales director, she may be nominated if she has been a "consultant" anytime this fiscal year (from July 1st-June 30th). Please submit by Monday July 6th (or Sunday the 5th if possible). Late submissions cannot be accepted. IMPORTANT: PLEASE SUBMIT 4 PHOTOS OF YOUR NOMINEE. Title: Her name 1, etc. - 4 pics:
Your Name
Your Unit (Director last name)
Your email (we may be asking you for a few photos of your nominee)
Nominee's Name
Nominee's Sales Director
Please share why you are nominating this consultant Sharing personal examples of the IBC's embodiment of the Go Give spirit will be very helpful in the selection of this award. Thank you so much for taking the time!
*I understand that I MUST submit photos in order for my nominee to be honored in the video* (Searching her facebook is a great way to get photos) *
Thank you!
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