Chrome Web Framework & Tools Performance Fund
Frameworks have been doing excellent work around improving performance in the last year. Chrome's framework fund was created because we want to support those efforts. We believe a healthy framework ecosystem is an essential part of the web platform.

After careful consideration (and asking frameworks), we are particularly interested in supporting projects that tackle:

* reducing initial bundle size
* progressive delivery of resources after the initial bundle
* improvements to meta frameworks (e.g. Next, Nuxt)
* breaking javascript tasks into short chunks by default (e.g. application author writes their code in the canonical way, and the code is executed in short chunks)
* underlying tools that affect all frameworks (e.g. webpack, parcel)
* selective hydration and reducing hydration time
* anything else Shubhie and Nicole talked about at Google IO 2019

That said, we realize the creativity of our community is beyond compare. If you have an idea we haven't listed here, we want to hear about it too!

Nicole & Malte
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