Think NEXUS - Survey #1
Think NEXUS ( is a project funded by the European Commission under the H2020 research program, which aims at reinforcing EU-US collaboration on NGI-related thematic in three focus areas: ‘Science & Technology’, ‘Innovation & Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Policy’.

In Think NEXUS we will like to know a bit more about your vision of the EU-US collaboration. This is why we have prepared this first survey. This will allow us to collect valuable stats and gain first insights.

Think NEXUS is under to EC NGI initiative (
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Science and Technology
The US are a long-standing partner of the EU.As for cooperation in the ICT field, following the EU-US Summit in March 2014, EU and US leaders underlined the commitment "to expand cooperation in research, innovation and new emerging technologies, and protection of intellectual property rights as strong drivers for increased trade and future economic growth". In this context:
In your opinion, which are the Focus Technology Areas (up to 3) that will shape the Next Generation Internet in the next 15 years?
What are the most promising key application areas for EU-US collaboration on Science & Technology?
What are the most compelling drivers for joint EU-US research, i.e., cases for which joint research projects will be more effective than separate projects?
Which can be considered as key obstacles for a successful EU-US collaboration on research, in the NGI domain?
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The United States is the undisputed leader in the booming digital economy, home to Silicon Valley and the birthplace of many transformative technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Uber. Europe is the second most relevant digital economic powerhouse at global scale, being the US’ major partner in digital trade. In this context:
What are the fundamental factors that make the US the leader in digital economy (up to 3 options)?
What are the biggest motivations/benefits you (would) consider for a business partnership/activity in the other side of the Atlantic (up to 3)?
And the biggest obstacles that (would) prevent you to move forward (up to 3 options)?
Technologies and ecosystems can’t evolve by themselves and need to be supported, regulated, standardized, etc. by policies. Policies provide necessary contexts and are, in ICT related activities, supporting innovations.
What are the main EU/US policies that you consider of relevance for enabling a new internet balance?
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What are the EU/US regulations that are setting the most troubles/barriers to an EU-US collaboration over Next Generation Internet?
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Which would be the main US funding agencies to work with in order to foster EU/US cooperation?
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