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For students at Elk Creek, Marshdale, West Jefferson and Wilmot Elementary: Pull-Out Program-I understand I am voluntarily enrolling my student into the band or orchestra program at his/her school for the 2018-19 school year. I understand that this is a pull-out program where my student will attend two 30 minute sessions a week instead of their regular classroom schedule. My student will be responsible for any missed work in the regular classroom in addition to the responsibilities of the band or orchestra class. Students are expected to promptly attend and adhere to the band and orchestra class schedule. *
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All Schools: Participation and Attendance-I understand that once enrolled, my student's attendance in band or orchestra class and at performances (concerts) is mandatory. I understand this graded class will appear on my student's report card. Attendance and active participation in class and performance affects my student's grade in band and orchestra. In addition, to the two regular weekly rehearsal classes, I agree that my student will attend ALL of the performances and special after school rehearsals listed on the Mountain Area Band and Orchestra web-site as of August 30, 2018. *
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Materials and Equipment-I understand that I am responsible for securing a curriculum supported instrument for my student and that the instrument must be kept in proper repair for my student to have a quality experience. Additionally, I understand that the method book, "Essential Elements, book 1" is the required text and my student may occasionally need upkeep supplies (reeds, valve oil, etc) which I am responsible for providing. *
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