Magnta's Commission
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Conditions and Terms of Service:
  • You must be 18 years old or older, no matter if it's a sfw drawing.
  • I have the right to reject your commission request.
  • I'm not accepting character design commission, but if you're really interested on it, feel free to DM me and we can negotiate price and conditions.
  • Prices can change according to the complexity of the illustration or the characters.
  • Only ONE correction allowed, Extra corrections would be extra fee depending of the complexity.
  • The commission can NOT  be used commercially (examples: Can't be used for reselling the picture, sell prints, shirts, merchandising, NFTs, etc)
  • Prices are in USD and payments are done through Paypal invoices. Other payment method might be available, feel free to ask.
  • NO Refunds of any kind!!
What I'm up to draw
--I will NOT draw--
Toddlers and babies
Extreme gore
Porn of any IRL people (this includes celebrities)
Scat and Vomit

--I’m ok with drawing--
Any Gender
Any Sexuality
Any Genitalia
Canon fictional characters
Original Characters
Most body types (petite, chubby, average, thin, buff)
Big or Small Monsters
Simple Robots
Chibi/Animal Crossing/Petite Characters
Soft Gore like bruises, cuts and blood

I'm open to most kinks but feel free to contact me and ask if you're unsure.
Number of slots at a time: 5
Check the current free slots here:
Commission Prices:
Commission type description:
Pin-up Art
Static Poses, Standing softly posing, kneeling, crouching, sitting, mostly frontal and simple perspectives.

Dynamic Art
There’s movement or interaction like running, jumping, fucking, masturbating, walking on the floor like a cat, exaggerated posing, interacting another person or object, like a big sword or sex toys. might have a interesting perspectives.

More than one pose, dynamic or simple, perspective will be kept simple as possible, all 4 or 6 fitting in one 4k pixel canvas.

Full Shading
The Base commission has flat shading. Full shading will give the art to have complex shading and lighting, like the image in the center of the commission sheet.
How long does it take to work on a commission?
Average process time is average 1 week to a month.
Worse case scenario is 2 months if take a break to recover from burn out or sickness,

Please, be patient and use the tracker.
Here you can track your commission after doing the payment.

Keep in mind that I don't only work on commissions, I also do illustrations for patreon, personal projects and other private/secret projects.
Did you read and understood and agree with all of it? awesome! click next!!
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