Middle School Career Preparation Survey
The purpose of this survey is to obtain the best methods for providing students with information about careers that may interest them, as well as make them aware of careers not yet known to them.
What school district do you attend? *
Where do you get information about activities that might interest you? (Check all that apply.) *
In which of the following areas do you have family working? (Check all that apply) *
If you had to choose right now, what career/job would you want to have when you grow up? *
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Who will most likely help you make your decision about what career you would like to have? *
When thinking about your career path, which of the following is most important to you? *
Do either of your parents/guardians have a job you would like to do? *
Which of the following is MOST important to you? *
Which of the following best describes your plans when you start your career? *
What type of training do you want to have after high school? *
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