Speculative cartographies: Experiments in mapping Strijp-S
Meeting Grounds Edition #2 seeks to examine Strijp-S as a composite public domain that bridges public and private, space and non-space and embodies generation and generation of tangible and intangible heritage. For the first workshop in this edition, we proudly present a collaboration with architect Paloma García in Speculative Cartographies: Experiments in Mapping Strijp S.

Maps are not exact representations of reality, even though they are often represented as such. Cartographies and maps are extremely powerful communication tools which narrate reality with a unique vision of space. We inhabit public space, we use it, we go through it, we modify it but we rarely map it.

Speculative Cartographies: Experiments in mapping Strijp S is a workshop run by Paloma Garcí­a that explores the potential of maps as elements of socio-political communication and definition of public space. We will analyze, extract, redefine and produce new maps of Strip S that will reveal the key parameters that determine public and private spaces. We will develop new visual codes to share and interpret our own speculative maps of the area. This workshop will explore Strip S without moving from space but travelling through its cartographies.
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Speculative cartographies info-pack
If you fill this form you will receive the info pack that will be released on October 2nd. You will find in it all the information and reflections about maps and cartographies in Strijp-S. Furthermore, you will find instructions on how to proceed to make your contribution to the workshop. During one week, you can send us your creation. When everyone has uploaded their contributions we will publish an endless multilayered map with all your contributions. We are going to produce something together even if we are isolated and cannot meet each other. No matter where you are, It will be an exciting opportunity to explore the Strijp-S through collaborative digital mapping.

The info pack will be completely free and the project is open to anyone with an interest in design, architecture, urban culture, visual communication or art at any stage of their studies/careers. 
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