Parent Questionnaire for Children with Extra Needs
Summit Kids believes in an inclusive approach for any child participating in Children’s Ministry. Our desire is for every child to know they are welcomed, safe, and loved here. Our heart is for all children to know Jesus and grow in a relationship with Him!

We help determine the specific needs for each child and work with the family to develop a plan that is most beneficial for that individual child. We place a strong emphasis on each child’s strengths and abilities, not their disability. For some children, a 1:1 “buddy” may be provided to assist and support them during Summit Kids.

The following questions are asked for the benefit of your child so that we may provide them with the best experience and safest environment. We respect your family’s right to privacy. Any information shared through this form is communicated directly with those caring for your child and only on a “need to know” basis.
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**Our sensory room will be available to all students who may need a short break or a quiet place to go. Our special needs buddies (1:1) are trained on behavioral and crisis prevention strategies. They will not be providing any type of formal therapy, specific behavior modification programs, or medical interventions.**
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