Application for Teach Global Health: 2020 Summer Institute for Course Development and Curricular Design
Allegheny College
Meadville PA
Tue June 16 - Thu Jun 18, 2020

Teach Global Health: 2020 Summer Institute for Curriculum and Course Design is a three-day workshop for faculty at undergraduate-serving institutions to share experiences and best practices, evaluate curricular programs and assessment tools, and participate in charrettes designed to refine course and curricular materials that strengthen students’ learning.
Participants may come from any disciplinary background and from any stage of their academic career.  Faculty, staff, and administrators who are interested in the role of global public health as a rich learning tool to prepare undergraduate students for complex, highly inter-connected and globalized world as both professionals and educated citizens are encouraged to attend.

Enrollment is limited. Applications for late registration will be accepted through April 20, 2020.
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Participants can come from any part of the staff, administration, or faculty for the Summer Institute. However the needs of educators with different responsibilities and charges may differ dramatically. We are gathering this information to tailor the tools and programming for the Summer Institute.
The following questions will allow you to provide a brief background on yourself, your campus' curricular programming related to global health, and what you would like to accomplish at the Teach Global Health: 2020 Summer Institute.
Include sufficient information for the steering committee to gauge whether and how the Teach Global Health 2020 Summer Institute might meet your goals and your programmatic needs.
Briefly describe your own (inter)disciplinary interests related to global health. *
If accepted, this brief bio of your work related to global health teaching or scholarship would be shared with other participants. Length: ~100 words. It is recommended that you write your response in a separate file, and then copy and paste the text into the space below.
Briefly describe what curricular programming related to global / public health is available to undergraduates at your institution. *
If you are at a larger institution and have multiple programs (for example, one that offers a major in public health, and a minor in global health) it is okay to simply check each box here. You can list the name of any programs in the next question.
What is/are the name(s) of any undergraduate curricular programs in global / public health at your institution? *
List each program name (and in parentheses the curricular levels offered. For example: Global Health Studies (major, minor).
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Where are your institution's programmatic strengths or gaps? *
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How established is your undergraduate program in global / public health?
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Describe your course (new course development or revising assignment, module, or structure of existing course), or curricular (experiential learning, assessment, etc.) goals that you intend to work on during the Institute. *
The more explicit and clear your goals are, the more we will be able to tailor programming to assist you in meeting these goals. It is recommended that you write your response in a separate file, and then copy and paste the text below.
Identify the areas in which your program / institution requires additional growth in providing experiential learning opportunities (ELOs) for your students. *
Check those items that are NOT YET as robust as you would like, These items do not imply any single solution (e.g., strengthening domestic ELOs might involve professional development training for educators, workshops for community partners working with students, improved connections with civic engagement or related programs, increased staff, or including language in tenure / promotion guidelines that recognize outcomes from community-based / undergraduate-related research). Our purpose in gathering this information is to target the resources and programming that we provide during the summer institute to best meet your needs and interests.
Are you planning to submit an abstract to our poster session? *
We are excited to be able to share and disseminate information about your various programs, unique offerings, and challenges faced in your undergraduate global health programs and courses. NOTE: Some participants may be required by their home institutions to present in order to be eligible for campus-supported funding. There will be separate GoogleForms to submit an abstract for the poster session, and another for housing / guests / meals / travel, available at <www.> during the spring semester.
Personal statement for application
Please provide a brief description of what you hope to get out of this summer institute as an individual and what you hope your institution can gain by your participation. *
Please write your response (500 words or less) in a separate file, and then copy and paste the text in the space below.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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