Restarting School For Year 10 and 12
Please answer the questions below to indicate to us how you are feeling about the prospect of your child returning to school later this term. Your answers will help us to plan how we run the school day and to ensure the safety of our students and staff, as well as planning the most effective education we can for those both in school and at home. Please complete this survey by Monday Thursday 4th June. Thank you in advance for your help.
My child is in Year.... *
Please choose the option that best reflects your feeling at this time (choose one) * *
If you intend to keep your child at home, how well equipped do you feel that you and your child can continue to progress with the online learning sent home?
What aspects of school life do you feel will be the greatest 'risk points'? (choose all that apply) *
Please indicate how your child normally travels to school.
Please indicate which of the following safety measures you feel schools should be deploying as students return.
Students to have the COVID-19 NHS tracker app on their phones? *
Hand sanitizer dispensers to be placed outside / inside each classroom being used. *
Clear signage around the school on social distancing and hygiene measures. *
Students to have their temperature taken (thermal camera) on entering the school (if possible). *
Students to wear face masks whilst in school if they so wish. *
Staggered break and lunch times to ensure minimum contact between students.
Please indicate how well our 'home learning' has supported you to help your child at home during closure
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Please indicate how effective you feel communication from school has been since closure *
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Do you have any other comments or suggestions you would like to make? Thank you for your time.
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