Acceptance of ISCofAllCT Code of Conduct
As part of Policies and Procedures updates approved by the membership in 2019, all members must affirm their acceptance of the Code of Conduct as part of each year's membership renewal. Failure to do so will lead to membership remaining not in good standing until confirmation has been received. The Code of Conduct is provided below for convenience. Members can review the entire P&P at the ISCofAllCT website:
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Code of Conduct
Membership in The Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut carries with it certain duties and
responsibilities. These duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

1. An obligation to adhere to all governing documents including By-Laws and Policies & Procedures,
as either may be amended from time to time.
2. An obligation to treat all fellow Court members with respect.
3. An obligation to respect the personal space of Court members, as well as their guests and
attendees of our events.
4. An obligation at all times when representing the Court, to behave in a responsible and
professional manner, befitting of a Court Member at all functions (including but not limited to out
of state events, bar nights, and social gatherings) so as to not reflect adversely on the Court.
5. An obligation to see that the guest(s) of Court members attending any Court function behave in
such a manner as to not reflect adversely on the Court.
6. An obligation to support all Court functions to the best ability.
7. If a Court Member has any disagreement with any policy, procedure or directive of the Reigning
Monarchs, the Board of Directors, or the General Membership of the Court, an obligation to be
supportive of any such policy, procedure, or directive, and to follow appropriate Court procedures
to express disagreement or to attempt to change any such policy, procedure, or directive.

Our court is above all a volunteer social and fundraising organization. These are all considered
inappropriate behavior and will be reviewed by the Board of Directors to potentially be forwarded to the
Judiciary committee and/or may result in a reprimand, suspension, removal, and/or revocation of your
membership, as per our Judiciary Policies:

A. Public slander(verbal) or libel(written) against any member of the Imperial Court System, or of the
ICS itself
B. Posting confidential or inappropriate information about our court or the ICS on social media sites
C. Disorderly conduct at Imperial Court functions
D. Stealing
E. Writing bad checks/misappropriation of funds
F. Being a continual no show/no call at events after committing to be present to serve
G. Verbal, physical, public, and/or via social media fighting/abuse/bullying
H. Displays of intoxication or substance abuse at public or private events
I. Representing our court without permission (such as to the press)
J. Using your court title to promote yourself at Court and Non-Court events for personal financial
gain or promotion within your employment

Primarily, the policy is to be a decent human being, in person or online, to other people or about the

In addition to the above Code of Conduct rules, members also agree to adhere to the non-discrimination
policy as previously approved by our membership:

The Imperial Sovereign Court of all Connecticut, Inc. members will not discriminate against any person or
persons on the basis of age, gender, gender expression, gender identity race, color, ethnicity, national
origin, sexual orientation, religion, creed, marital status, or physical and/or mental disability in any of its
activities or operations. The Imperial Sovereign Court of all Connecticut, Inc. will not tolerate any violation
of this Policy, and appropriate action will be taken, including the removal of membership status in the
Imperial Sovereign Court of all Connecticut, Inc. and International Court System. If an individual believes
they are is being discriminated against, the Board of Directors may be contacted on a confidential basis.
The matter will be investigated and appropriate actions may be taken.

Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action as described in Section 8b of the
Policies and Procedures.
Have you reviewed the Code of Conduct as provided above and as presented in our Policies and Procedures? *
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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