Ushaw Chapel Choir - Membership Enquiry
If you're interested in joining the choir, please tell us about yourself and we'll get back to you. If you have a problem with the form, you can email directly but please answer all the questions below.

Thank-you very much for your interest.

Are you free on Thursday evenings? *
This is when we practice, so if not you might like to stop here!
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What vocal part(s) do you sing? *
If you tick more than one, or tick "other/not sure" please tell us a bit more detail in the next question.
Can you read music, and/or sight-read? *
It's not essential, but useful to know your proficiency.
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What's your choral/singing experience? *
Tell us a bit about your singing history/proficiency, what sort of choirs or other groups you've sung with/sing with and what material, if you have any formal training, and anything else you think it's useful to share.
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[Optional] Do you have any experience as a soloist?
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[Optional] Anything else you'd like to tell or ask us?
Maybe you play an instrument or have other skills or experience, or have some questions for us
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