Bodhi Program Application
Thank you for your interest in the program! Please fill out the application below. Application information is kept strictly confidential; spiritual practice can be challenging and the personal nature of some of these questions are required to ensure participants are protected.

We will contact you within a week to schedule an interview with a Sukhasiddhi teacher. After your interview, you will be advised of your acceptance into the program.
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Do you currently have a daily meditation practice? How consistently are you able to do your daily practice? *
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Have you been hospitalized for a psychiatric condition (if so, where and when)? Are you currently taking psychotropic medications? *
Please provide information on any medical conditions, medications or health issues which could affect your ability to participate in the program sessions or daily meditation practice *
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Have you reviewed the dates for the weekend sessions and will you be able to commit to attend these sessions? *
Have you reviewed the costs of the program? Do these fit into your current financial situation? *
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