CLA Music Elective Selection
Parents with children enrolled in grades 3-8. Please select which music elective you would like to enroll your child into. Please submit a separate form for each student if you have multiple children enrolled in grades 3-8. Please contact with any questions regarding music electives.
Music Elective Options (Grades 3-8 only)
Worship Through Music History - Students will look at music throughout the Bible, and it’s purpose in our modern day music & worship. Students will discover the purpose of worship through music as outlined in scripture, including a walk-through Tabernacle, the seven “ways to praise”, and how musical vibration affects our bodies, minds, and the real world around us.
*This elective will focus more on the everyday applications of music, and less on music through singing.

Worship Through Chorus & Song - Designed for students who want to use their voices in music. Students will be given practical vocal training and the opportunity to use their vocal skills in various school events. Students will be required to learn musical selections and help lead the student body in worship, using their singing voices, during school Chapels. *This elective will focus more on music through singing than on the history of music.

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