Cardiff/Solana Beach Referee Game Availability 11/16/2019
This form is collecting referee availability information for the games on 11/16/2019. After filling out the form, you will receive an email with a link to the form in case you need to make changes. Each referee should only submit this form once. If you need to make changes, please use the link that's emailed to you.
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The dropdown list below contains all of the people who registered with us to referee Cardiff Soccer and Solana Beach games this fall. Please select the person you're submitting availability information for. If you don't see the name you're looking for, email
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Availability for 11/16/2019
Please check all games for which you are willing to referee. Note that you should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to game time in order to get organized. Selecting a game does NOT mean you are scheduled for that game, it simply indicates you are available to be scheduled for that game. If you leave a row blank, we will assume you are unavailable for that game. We will use the availability information to develop the schedules. Note that the list below is ordered by field and then by time.
(#174895) [GU10] 11/16 10:50 AM--12:00 PM @ ADA Harris ES #1: Cardiff G2010 Griffin v SBSC GU10 Gilbert
(#175039) [GU08] 11/16 08:30 AM--09:35 AM @ ADA Harris ES #2: Cardiff G2012 Newell v SBSC GU8 Harris
(#175040) [GU08] 11/16 09:40 AM--10:45 AM @ ADA Harris ES #2: Cardiff G2012 Wieland v SBSC GU8 Achtel
(#175041) [GU08] 11/16 10:50 AM--11:55 AM @ ADA Harris ES #2: Cardiff G2012 Robles v SBSC GU8 Carter
(#173568) [BU08] 11/16 12:00 PM--01:05 PM @ ADA Harris ES #2: Cardiff B2012 Nagy v Express - B2012 - Sugarman
(#173569) [BU08] 11/16 01:10 PM--02:15 PM @ ADA Harris ES #2: Cardiff B2012 Melnyk v Express - B2012 - Wessel/Wood
(#173572) [BU08] 11/16 02:20 PM--03:25 PM @ ADA Harris ES #2: Cardiff B2012 Jewell v Express - B2012 - Wierenga
(#174725) [GU12] 11/16 12:30 PM--01:50 PM @ Encinitas Community Park #1: Cardiff G2008-09 Forte v SBSC GU12 Kousser
(#206933) [BU12] 11/16 01:50 PM--03:10 PM @ Encinitas Community Park #1: Cardiff B2008 -9 Mac Millan v RSF Attack - B2008 Gold Fish (Lee/Hamson)
(#173503) [BU08] 11/16 09:00 AM--10:05 AM @ Skyline ES #1: SBSC BU8 Hishmeh v Express - B2012 - Mayhew
(#173501) [BU08] 11/16 10:15 AM--11:20 AM @ Skyline ES #1: SBSC BU8 Scuderi v Express - B2012 - Hall
(#173502) [BU08] 11/16 11:30 AM--12:35 PM @ Skyline ES #1: SBSC BU8 Kenny v Express - B2012 - Hattendorf
(#174894) [GU10] 11/16 12:45 PM--01:55 PM @ Skyline ES #1: SBSC GU 10 Steinhoff v Cardiff G2010 Goodbody
(#173506) [BU08] 11/16 02:00 PM--03:05 PM @ Skyline ES #1: SBSC BU8 Gilbert v Express - B2012 - McKinney
(#206930) [BU12] 11/16 09:00 AM--10:20 AM @ Solana Vista ES #3: SBSC BU12 Stratton v SBSC BU12 Steinhoff
(#174724) [GU12] 11/16 10:20 AM--11:40 AM @ Solana Vista ES #3: SBSC GU12 Paulsen v Cardiff G2008 Brown
Additional information
If you have any other information we should consider when scheduling, please add it here. We will do our best to accommodate requests cannot offer any guarantees.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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