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I, ___type name below_____, will not hold the Maryland Dairy Goat Association, ADGA, or the Howard County Fairgrounds responsible for loss, damage, or accident to any person, animal, or property. *
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Showing from vehicle/trailer? (REQUIRED if not purchasing pens) $10 fee *
Number of pens requested $5.00 each, if you are showing out of the trailer enter 0. You must bring your own straw. Shavings are not allowed at this show. Exhibitors MUST clean their pens out at the conclusion of the show before leaving. *
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I will pay via (select from below) I understand my entries are not accepted until they are paid. Please make all checks payable to MDGA and mail to MDGA Treasurer, Astrud Wheeles, 5729 Pindell Rd., Lothian, MD 20711. Or If using PayPal, please send payments to as a Friends and Family transfer so PayPal fees are not taken out. Please enter amount to be paid in other. *
Number of goats you are planning on entering *
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I understand that entries are not consider official or accepted until payment is made. Early Entry fee per doe per ring is $6.00 if received on or before Saturday, June 8. Regular Entry Fee is $12.00 per ring per doe if received between Monday, June 10 and Saturday, June 15. Substitutions are permitted day of show. Entry fees must accompany entry form. There will be no refund of fees for any reason. No faxed entries will be accepted.
I have these additional goats (list age & breed below)
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NO entries will be accepted after Saturday, June 15. No day of show entries. Substitutions are permitted day of show.
When you submit this form it will take to you a link to enter your animals. Entries are not consider official or accepted until payment is made.
I would like to join the MDGA. Your membership can be added to our website if you desire. Memberships range from $5.00 for youth to $15 for individual and $20 for family memberships. *
If you would like to join the Maryland Dairy Goat Association, here is the link to sign up.
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