Feedback on Online Learning
We want your feedback to improve our online teaching practices. Since the information to this survey is grade-level specific, please fill this form out for each child in your family that attends EJHS. There is an open question at the end to provide other comments. If you have an immediate need please contact the EJHS office at 717-463-2111. We are not collecting your name or email so this questionnaire is anonymous. We truly want your feedback to improve our online learning experience for our students.
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What grade is your child in? *
What learning model was your child enrolled in prior to all students moving to online learning? *
Who works with your child a majority of the time to help them complete their assignments? *
Is the person filling out this survey the person who monitors and helps your child with their online learning? *
Is the workload manageable for your child? *
Is the workload paced evenly throughout the week for your child? *
Are you aware that your child can be marked absent if they are not attending live sessions or completing their work? *
What tasks, systems, or procedures are working well for your child during online learning? *
What challenges is your child experiencing during online learning? *
When remote learning is our only option, what adjustments could we make that would be helpful to your child's learning? *
Is internet connection causing any disruptions to your child's learning? Yes or No. If Yes, please explain. (Please reach out to us if the internet is causing issues in your child's learning we may be able to assist.) *
Please provide input regarding assignments for students throughout the week. Teachers are currently providing live sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, along with a variety of supports on Tuesday and Friday. These supports include open office hours, online assignments, and recording of assignments. *
Please provide any additional comments and or suggestions here.
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