Safe Spaces Survey
This survey was created by the Safe Spaces Ad-Hoc Committee of Central Nova Area of NA with input from any group that wanted to take part.

The purpose of this survey is to hear your experience at meetings and events in our local fellowship so that we can:

- Learn what makes a meeting or event feel welcoming, inclusive, safe and healthy so that we, as an area, can foster more of that in our area - it helps to know what we are doing right!

- Learn from your experiences in our local fellowship that have felt less welcoming, healthy, inclusive or safe.
We want awareness of our shortcomings so that we can learn, grow and better carry the message. We apply the spiritual principles of humility, open-mindedness, and willingness so that we as an area can take inventory of our assets and shortcomings with an attitude of hope.

- Learn, as a committee, where to focus our efforts to foster safe, inclusive, and welcoming Narcotics Anonymous meetings and events in Central Nova Area. This survey will help the committee decide what topics could be most useful for workshops and literature.

There are no required questions in this survey, you can answer what you are comfortable with and leave the rest blank. As you go through these questions we gently suggest choosing some spiritual principles by which you will approach it - some suggestions are honesty, willingness, hope and faith.

**This survey is anonymous and we ask that you not include any identifying information about yourself or others. In addition to that, it is important to note that this survey will not address any specific situations.**

Accessibility: If you want to complete this survey but are having trouble please e-mail and we will help you.
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